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Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting! Don’t go! I know it was probably a mistake, but stick around and enjoy some music and maybe a cookie (BYOC). A little about myself:

I am a composer, multi-instrumentalist , and producer from the D.C. Metro area. I have an extensive background playing with bands, solo projects, blah ,blah, blah. Very boring, I know. Now I mostly focus on producing material for myself, publishers, and other songwriters looking to break into the game. It’s more fulfilling I think. It competes with my family for less time, it’s nice to help others find their sound, and generally I get to be a complete tyrant (with my music anyway; that doesn’t flow so well in the other areas).

Anyway, I’m currently operating under the theory that “The Album” as a marketable art form is pretty much dead. I’ve made albums. I haven’t sold very many either. In the era of YouTube, it’s much more digestible to listen to solo songs attached to videos. Those that are most fun are a total multi-media experience that’s much more than a song. There are stories to be told. It makes me think that the most marketable music of the future will come in packages like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” back in the 80’s. That was way more than a song. It was an experience. Pop some popcorn. Take it all in.

So I’m engaging in a little experiment to see if I can, with my limited means, explore this idea, beginning with “The Spirit Box”, a song I’ve been putzing around with for quite some time. No matter how I would arrange it, it never felt quite done, until I recently realized that it was because this song needed to be a multi-media experience!

So here I am, and here it is. Watch on YouTube (my channel name is thrakker84) and download and stream here and all the usual places. It’s not “Thriller”, but hopefully it is at least meaningful. So please help me be able to afford to do better! If you’ve read this far, you’re too kind! You’ve sacrificed your time. Time is money, and you’ve just burned at least a dollar. So what’s another dollar? Hah!

Thanks again, and a million times more for your patronage! See you next time!

-Christopher Levin West

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