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Soundtracks for Films That Don't Exist

Beginning in 2020, Christopher's projects have been geared toward music with a more cinematic feel.  The first major release of this project is STARMAN FOREVER, which took the form of a six-song EP and short film based on the title track.

Thirty3, Elephant, Piano, Drum, Guitar, Bass

Jay Kishor's Thirty3

Often described as World Music on the edge of Jazz, Thirty3 is the creation of renowned sitarist/surbaharist-turned-guitarist, Jay Kishor.  Thirty3 creates breathtakingly beautiful, sophisticated and innovative new music with a recognizable style and a strong melodic core.  It is improvised and synergistic in nature, ans as such, reflects the pure and absolute truth of the moment.  Based on Classical Indian Ragas, the improvised works of Thirty3 are presented as musical stories as deep as space and time themselves.  Christopher played for Thirty3 from 2014-2015 as part of an enlightening journey in telling the stories of shapes, as part of their project, Sacred Geometry.


Christopher's musical explorations have led him to music that carries deeply spiritual implications.  To give voice to that quality, he has spent thousands of quiet, meditative hours developing a unique approach to solo improvisational music.  His soundscapes utilize digital and analog looping/delay technology with an interesting mix of acoustic and electric instrumentation to explore space and time; to build a sense of presence within himself and his audience.  Soundscapes are about meditation, self-discovery, and capturing the beauty of any moment while in the moment.

Deluge Grander

Deluge Grander is a progressive rock group from the Baltimore and Silver Spring area in Maryland.  Deluge Grander was formed in 2005 by keyboardist and composer, Dan Britton.  They have released two albums entitled, "August in the Urals" (2006) and "The Form of the Good" (2009).  Christopher Joined the band in March or 2009 and has performed with them a number of times in the local area.  In 2010, Deluge Grander was featured in the award winning documentary film "Romantic Warriors-A Progressive Music Saga" by Adele Schmidt and Jose Zegarra Holder (  Christopher appeared on their 2014 album, "Heliotians" and made compositional contributions to their 2017 release, "Oceanarium."

Birds and Buildings

Birds and Buildings is another brainchild of Composer, Dan Britton.  They play an eclectic mix of intense jazz-rock (often bordering on Zeuhl), experimental symphonic music, and occasional avant-garde heaviness.  Their first album, "Bantam to Behemoth" was released in 2008.  Christopher can be heard as a vocalist on their second album, "Multipurpose Trap," which was released in August 2013.

Access Royale

In 2012, Christopher played as a session bass player for modern indie alternative band, Access Royale for a series of local shows in the D.C. Metro area.

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